Physical Accessibility Statement

The Inn at Turkey Hill and Farmhouse were built prior to the 1994 ADA requirements (built 1984). Turkey Hill Brewing Co. was built in 2011 and has received certification under the current ADA requirements.

Even though the Inn and Farmhouse were built prior to the requirements, we are committed to doing whatever we reasonably can to make our property accessible. We have met with local code officials to receive guidance on how to best plan and implement modifications. We are working with persons with disabilities to be better prepared to serve our guests. Many of our rooms have first floor access with paved parking lot and ramp to sidewalk. Please visit our website or call the front desk to determine if one of our rooms may meet your needs.

Website Accessibility Statement

The Inn at Turkey Hill is committed to making our website accessible to people with disabilities.
We have designed our website to be accessible for impaired users to see, navigate, interact and understand the content provided. We have tested the functionality of this website with the tool and the Google Chrome Accessibility Audit Tool. We have also tested keyboard only functionality so that people who use screen readers or can’t use a mouse are able to navigate through the website pages efficiently.

We will continue to make every effort to meet evolving accessibility standards.

Currently our reservation system does not meet accessibility standards. This is something we will continue to address with our reservation company, so that it too will be accessible to people with disabilities in the future. If you find you are having difficulty determining availability or booking an accommodation via our online system, please contact us at the links below and we will be happy to assist you directly.

As we continue to improve our website functionality, we appreciate your concerns and suggestions. We welcome impaired users to share accessibility issues you may find.
Contact us at the links below

Phone: (570) 387-1500