“Soup”er Series

     In honor of  National Soup Month, the January 12th Chef Series will be celebrating soup. With the recent frigid temperatures what a perfect way to spend a chilly Sunday evening. Soup has been nourishing people for generations with its hearty and healthy ingredients. It was prescribed in ancient times for its healing properties. Historians believe that the modern restaurant industry is based on soup. It was one of the first items sold in public restaurants in Paris in the eighteenth century. Soup is truly the simplest and earliest form of comfort food that has evolved and changed through the years, but it still remains a beloved staple.

Executive Chef Matthew Revak will put his own unique twist on this favorite. Please join us for a relaxing night of hors d’ouevres, cocktails, friends, and a crackling fire as we celebrate soup! What a cozy way to spend a wintry January night. Please reserve your table here. 



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