Chef Series With Matthew Revak Creates A Buzz July 2014


Honeybees have been a major topic of conversation and controversy lately due to their wide spread disappearance across the US. These little guys are a vital tool in our nation’s agricultural system, accounting for nearly 80% of insect pollination. Without them our delicious fruit and veggie crops will suffer drastically. Therefore, we at The Inn, Farmhouse and Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill, have decided to highlight the uber important insects in our monthly edition of The Chef Series:Sunday, July 13, 2014
The Inn, Farmhouse & Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill
female and male chefs wearing white chef jackets sitting on bench in front of clapboard wall with Inn at Turkey Hill graphic signBloomsburg PA
5pm Hors d’oeuvres and Drinks followed by 5 courses
Reservations Required
For those unfamiliar with The Chef Series: On the second Sunday of each month The Farmhouse closes for normal fine dining and hosts an evening of food & wine pairings. Executive Chef, Matthew Revak, and Pastry Chef, Jenn Yemola, create a five-course menu based on each month’s “foods,” paired with an appropriate wine. 
The month of July highlights grilling, California Wild King Salmon (former governator of CA Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed this celebration of Salmon in 2005 ), berries, ice cream and probably, most importantly, the culinary arts. Without which, we wouldn’t have our wonderful Chefs and scrumptious food creations. 
Hors d’oeuvres and drinks start at five o’clock followed by a short presentation focusing on one or more of the ingredients, then the best part, we eat and drink! This is a reservation only event.
If you have been to The Inn, Farmhouse and Brewing Co. during the summer months, you have probably witnessed our own little bee collective in an old tree right outside The Inn.  In case you’re worried, no, we will not be just showing people our resident bees. Local bee keeper, Bill Huntington, will be describing the importance of honey bees and sharing their tasty, locally made honey. 
We hope that you can join us on the evening of July 13th and see for yourself what everyone, including the bees, are buzzing about.
To Make Reservations Please Call – (570) 387-1501

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