Lift a Glass of St. Abban’s Irish Red to St Paddy’s Day

glass of Turkey Hill Brewing Co beer on barOur brews are many and varied at The Turkey Hill Brewing Company in Bloomsburg, but one that comes to mind in March is St. Abban’s Irish Red – March 16 is the Feast of St. Abban, and March 17, the Feast of St. Patrick, so what better brew to celebrate? The brewmaster named it in honor of the free-spirit in us all. According to legend, St. Abban may have been born in Ireland before the era of St. Patrick. His life wasn’t well documented, but after witnessing a massacre of British nobles by the Saxons in 486, he fled north and became a hermit, devoting his life to prayer. The Irish ale that bears his name is clear reddish amber in color, hence Irish Red. If you feel the need for something green to honor St. Patrick, complement your brew with our spinach salad, or choose from our dinner salad menu – Steak au Poivre, Ahi Tuna, Blackened Chicken, or Chef – they’ll all fill the bill! Remember, Thursdays are $1.00 off pints after 8:00 pm – another reason to celebrate. The Pub is just steps away from the Inn, so make sure to come by for a brew and/or a casual meal during your stay at The Inn, Farmhouse, and Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill!

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