Danville PA’s Timeworn Treasures a fun shop that’s true to its name.

When guests at The Inn, Farmhouse and Brewing Co. at Turkey
Hill want an interesting shopping experience, we often send them to TimewornTreasures in Danville. Just 10 miles from The Inn, the quaint shop is indeed a
treasure trove for shoppers.
Owned by a mother and daughter, the store is chock-full with
one-of-a-kind finds and specialty items, all hand-selected and then displayed
in clever ways that add a sense of whimsy and fun to shopping.  It’s hard not to find things to love as you
wander through the store’s extensive collections.
Those anticipating spring will enjoy the array of garden
items including birdhouses, antique sprinkling cans and tools, even potted
herbs and flowers.  A selection of signs
sporting quotes that range from humorous to touching make great gifts, and are
nice additions outdoors or in.
Handmade artisan clothing and accessories often feature embellishments
such as lace and rosettes, and you can try them on is the store’s special
vintage dressing room.

The jewelry selection is a specialty of the shop, and
it’s evident in the wonderful array that mixes old and new in unique ways.

Also available are soy candles, a popular item with customers who like
the fact they’re clean-burning, biodegradable and come in wonderful scents.
Timeless Treasures makes a nice morning excursion, after a relaxing
breakfast at The Inn, Farmhouse and Brewing Co. of course! You’ll find downtown
Danville has several other delightful shops, as well as good lunch options, and
we’ll be more than happy to help you plan your day.

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