Exploring Bloomsburg PA’s Vibrant Visual and Performing Arts Community

Nestled in Northcentral Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg’s vibrant visual and performing arts venues may surprise you. Bloomsburg’s artistic community is a testament to the power of creativity and community, from galleries showcasing local talent to dynamic live performances. Here is a summary of the variety of experiences available:

Visual Arts

Visual arts includes galleries and exhibitions where local artists can share their works, giving us a window into their creative minds.

Exchange Gallery

24 E. Main St, Bloomsburg

The Exchange Gallery is a volunteer organization that provides a space for regional artists of all levels to display their works in themed shows and exhibitions. Hours are Mondays and Fridays, 10 am to 6 pm, variable hours Tuesdays – Thursdays. 

Haas Gallery of Art

400 E 2nd St, Bloomsburg

The Haas Gallery of Art is on the second floor of Haas Center for Performing Arts. The gallery showcases student and professional works in various mediums, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, and more. Admission is free.

Gallery at Greenly Center

50 E Main St, Bloomsburg 

The Gallery at Greenly Center is on the first floor of the Greenly Center in downtown Bloomsburg. It is affiliated with Bloomsburg University and has regular shows of diverse artists and student works.

Bloomsburg University Sculpture Walk

Campus of Bloomsburg University

The Bloomsburg University Sculpture Walk is an on-campus installation of 18 sculptures. Download the brochure and take a self-guided tour. Examine some or all of the pieces. 

Performing Arts

Performing arts could include theater, music, dance, storytelling–anything that involves the artist using their voices or bodies to convey a message.

The Exchange

24 E Main St, Bloomsburg

As part of the Exchange’s mission to encourage artists of all types, they have a Listening Room series of concerts and Storytelling events. Both of these are to build a sense of community identity.

Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble

Alvina Kraus Theater
226 Center Street, Bloomsburg 

The Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble performs a season of shows at their home theater but also has performances at neighboring towns’ stages and outdoors in the summer. There is a troupe that has improv shows that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Haas Center for the Performing Arts

400 E 2nd Street, Bloomsburg

Bloomsburg University, at the Haas Center for the Performing Arts, has the Arts in Bloom series, comprised of professional touring headliners and student performances. You will see bands, symphonies, dances, and readings.

Bucknell’s Weiss Center

One Dent Drive, Lewisburg

Bucknell’s Weiss Center is a short drive from Bloomsburg and features 25 live performances for the season. They include theater, classical, jazz, soul, and modern dance–just about every type of performance you could ask for!

Come to Bloomsburg and Enjoy the Arts and More

Bloomsburg also has an art-centric festival called ArtFest. It is located on Main Street in Bloomsburg and allows artists to show their works, demonstrate some studio practices, and create new art collectors. It is held on a Saturday towards the end of August.

There is more to see in Bloomsburg Pa than its visual and performing arts community! We have spectacular scenery at Rickett’s Glen State Park, two dozen covered bridges, and our own and other breweries to explore. Check your favorite performance or gallery listing, and plan your getaway now!

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