Bloomsburg PA’s Downtown District Rich with History

Situated along the northern banks of the Susquehanna River
and the rolling hills of North Central Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg is a town that
takes its history seriously.
As the seat of Columbia County since 1845, Bloomsburg was an
important commercial and educational center, once served by six railroads, and with
vibrant river traffic. Over the years, the historic downtown buildings were
preserved and refurbished and in 1983, the downtown was listed on the National
Register of Historic Places as a National Historic District, assuring the
integrity of the area would be maintained.
We always suggest that guests of The Inn, Farmhouse and
Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill take time to walk along the downtown streets—especially
nice on these crisp sunny days. You’ll find a great walking tour map at the Columbia County Visitors Bureau.

On the downtown tour, visitors will see a collection of
buildings that are all connected in a way that gives the sense of a nearly
continuous storefront. The mix of architectural styles reflects the town’s
century of growth, and the trends of the times: early Federal, Eclectic
Victorian, Colonial Revival, and a smattering of Queen Anne. Noteworthy among
the public buildings on Main Street are the Courthouse, town hall and St.
Paul’s Episcopal Church.

If you wander a few blocks into the residential area, you’ll
see the same varied mix of styles of homes, most built in the town’s growth
spurt during the iron industry boom in the late 1870’s.  Be sure to look skyward to take in the roof
structures decked with wings, bays, dormers and towers. The Columbia County Historical and Genealogy Society is a great resource, if you’d like even more information on the area.
Adjacent to downtown is Bloomsburg University, founded as
the Bloomsburg Literary Institute in 1866. Its campus sports gracious old buildings,
such as Carver Hall, and is well worth a visit.

Two other area river towns, Berwick and Danvillle (also listed on the Visitors Bureau site) have delightful walking trails popular with local and visitors.

Guests can also enjoy a great dose of history back at The
Inn, Farmhouse and Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill. For instance, in our beautifully
restored 1839 Farmhouse. Or order a beer at our Turkey Hill Brew Pub & Grille
and ask your server about the Brewery’s century’s old building. We’re proud of
our history here, and love to share it!

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