2 Great Fall Foliage Hikes in Central Pennsylvania: Montour Preserve

Forecasts predict beautiful fall foliage in North Central Pennsylvania will reach its 2019 peak soon. You can take great fall foliage hikes at the Montour Preserve near The Inn, Farmhouse, and Brewing Co. at Turkey Hill in Bloomsburg. Both the Chilisuagi Trail that circles Lake Chillisquaque on a four mile loop, and the shorter mile-long Goose Woods Trail are easy hikes on well-maintained paths. Hiking or walking these forest trails are two of the relaxing ways you can enjoy the brilliant colors of the fall foliage season in Pennsylvania. In addition to hiking trails and nature walks, you’ll find stands of blazing sugar maples, plus a fossil pit, fishing and boating on the lake, observation blinds, picnic tables, playgrounds, pavilions, rest rooms, and a Visitors’ Center. Why not plan to visit a local farm stand on your way to the Preserve and purchase local products for a relaxing lunch at one of the Montour Preserve’s scenic picnic areas?

  • orange and gold fall leaves hanging on branches with most leaves softly blurred out of focusChilisuagi Trail is a well maintained gravel and grass trail that follows along the shoreline with beautiful views across the lake. The 3.9 mile loop is relatively level, gaining just over 200 feet in elevation. It’s known for its fall color and breathtaking views of the lake as well as a great place to watch birds, wildflowers, and wildlife. During the fall, the lake is surrounded by the vibrant reds, golds, oranges, and purples of native trees. You’ll find it’s suited for hikers, walkers and runners of all skill levels. In October, you’re likely to see birds like red-tail hawks migrating south, white-tailed deer, and the yellow flowers of Witch Hazel in the forest. When November arrives, you should look for wild Canada Geese.
  • The Goose Woods Trail at the Montour Preserve is “a naturalist’s dream”. You’ll find your short nature walk on this 0.9 mile trail is an easy hike, almost completely flat in elevation. You’ll pass near the Sugar Shack where Montour Preserve makes its own maple syrup from its sugar maples each spring. On your hike, you might see small woodland creatures, animal tracks, and wildflowers in season.
  • Colors of Autumn Hike:
    Montour Preserve will offer a guided hike on Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 9-10:30 am. This guided hike will lead you through the Preserve’s forest at the peak of the foliage season. In addition to a beautiful walk in the woods, you’ll learn how and why leaves change, and why each year’s fall foliage is unique.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources most recent foliage report indicates trees in the North Central PA region are developing color. Trees near Bloomsburg will likely reach their best color in one to two weeks. Farther north, trees in Loyalsock State Forest in the Endless Mountains are already approaching their best colors, with “maples ‘the stars of the show,’ exhibiting fiery reds, yellows, and oranges. Although less common, sumacs and sassafras also offer some beautiful scenery.”

Foliage season doesn’t linger, so don’t wait to make your plans for your Pennsylvania foliage trip. You can check on the changing fall colors in Pennsylvania with the DCNR’s weekly foliage reports. Give us a call at 570-387-1500, or just go online to reserve your hotel in Bloomsburg. After your day of hiking through the peaceful, serene autumn woods at the Montour Preserve, you can look forward to returning to your cozy room at the Inn and delicious dinner at our Farmhouse Restaurant or the Turkey Hill Brewing Company Pub and Grille. We look forward to welcoming you to our “quiet and relaxing oasis” in North Central Pennsylvania. Don’t forget to pack your camera and hiking shoes!

The Montour Preserve
Location: 374 Preserve Road, Danville, PA
Visitors’ Center Days and Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Saturday from mid-February through mid-November
                                                         8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday from mid-November through mid-February

Header image by Anthony Rossbach on UnSplash, second image by Char Beck on UnSplash

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